Embed Page Builder Templates Anywhere and Everywhere (Pro)

Want to get Elementor Page Builder templates anywhere on your site? This will show you just how to do it.

In the video, we show how to insert a designed template into the sidebar, to make the whole page look more stylish and inviting. We also examine two other ways to embed Elementor templates into your website.

Add Page Builder Template As a WordPress Widget

In the Elementor dashboard, under My Library, you'll be able to see the list of templates. In the dashboard, under appearance > Widgets, you will see the Elementor Template widget. I will add this to the main sidebar, and choose the right template. 
You can edit the template and have it update in the sidebar, or wherever you inserted it.
Add Template to an Elementor Page Using the Template Widget
Elementor also has a template widget. This will allow you to insert any of your saved templates in the Elementor page.
Add Template As a Shortcode
Go to the dashboard > Elementor > My Library
Each template has its own shortcode. If I want to embed the newsletter signup template inside one of my posts, I will go ahead and copy the shortcode. Then head over to the post and add the shortcode wherever I want the signup form to display.
This feature gives you complete control over your entire site, all within Elementor. Embed the page builder anywhere, and design your entire site with Elementor.  
Control the header and footer
A lot of people ask us about changing the logo and menu, and other aspects of the header and footer of the site. While it is possible to embed the Elementor templates in these areas, we still do not offer a menu widget. In any case, some themes, like GeneratePress, allow for an easy way to control the header, logo and menu items, so until the new widget arrives, you can use these solutions instead.