WooCommerce Widgets (Pro)

Display your WooCommerce products and filter the exact products you want to display with this widget.

Check out our quick tutorial, showing how to combine Elementor, WooCommerce and StoreFront theme to create an awesome online store website.


Columns: Set the number of columns that will be displayed.

Products count: Set the exact amount of product you want to display.


Source: Choose from products or manual selection. 


  • Product categories: Set the categories that will be displayed. When you start typing the category it will autocomplete and give you the available category. The list of products instantly update and display in the editor.
  • Product tags: Works similar to categories, showing the relevant tags.

Manual selection

  • Search & select: Search for specific products to display. The search autocompletes to easily select products.

Order by: Set the order of product by date / title / price / populatiry / rating or random.

Order: Set as ascending or descending.

N.B: You will not see the WooCoomerce widgets if you do not install the plugin WooCommerce.