Image Box Widget

The Image Box widget lets you add image boxes that combines images, headlines and text. This is used, mostly and alternatively to the Icon Box Widget, for features sections.

You have full control over the design of the image, the headline and the description. In the video you'll be able to see some examples of these widgets. Add them to your own pages and experiment with the various options.


Choose Image - You can first choose an image from the media library, or upload a new image.

Title & Description - Add the title and description that will appear in the image box.

Link to - Add the URL the box will link to.

Image Position - Set the position of the image to left, top or right, relative to the title and description.

The HTML tag - Set the tag of the image box as H1..H6, div, span or paragraph.



Image Spacing - The space between the image and the title.

Image Size - Scale the image size up and down.

Opacity - Control the opacity of the image.

Animation - Add hover animation to the image.


Alignment - Align the content to the left, right, center or justified.

Vertical alignment - Align the content to the top, middle or bottom of the box.

Title spacing - Space between the title and description

Title color - Set the color of the title.

Title Typography - Change the font size, family, weight, transform, style, line height and letter spacing.

Description color - Set the color of the description.

Description Typography - Same options as the title typography.