Inner Section Widget (formerly Columns Widget)

Please note: If you only want to add a column to your section, right-click the column handle > Add New Column. You can add up to 10 columns.

The Inner Section widget use is to create nested columns within a section. This way you can create complex layouts.

  1. Drag an Inner Section Widget to your column
  2. As a default, you will get a section with two columns
  3. You can add or remove columns by right-click the columns handle icon
  4. You can drag and drop the Inner Section widget to any column on your page

Why did we change the name?

After a continuous period of user-research, we found a disturbing common mistake made by users of all levels. When users needed to add a column to an existing section, instead of doing it using the right-click > Add New Column, users mistakenly dragged the Columns widget.

This mistake adds unnecessary markup code to the page, and may cause various unexpected behaviors.