Usage Data Tracking

Thanks for using Elementor. We give you the power to make a difference and help us improve our plugin. This page explains about our usage data tracking, what information we collect, and why.

As you have probably already noticed, we keep making Elementor better, adding new features and improving and building upon the current features. To do that, we try to learn from our users what works, what doesn't, what can be optimized and what needs to be tossed aside. To understand this information, we analyze the feedback we receive from your emails, GitHub issues, support tickets and other places.

In the latest versions of Elementor, we have added a feature that collects usage data of Elementor and the WordPress environment. No sensitive information is ever collected or used. The only personal information we collect is the email of the website admin. We never store any other personal or business data of any kind. Updates on Elementor plugin releases and improvements are sent to this email.

Even if you have already agreed to share this information with us, you can always choose to opt out by going to Dashboard > Elementor > Settings and unchecking 'Usage Data Tracking'.

Information We Collect

This is the information that is sent to us:

  • Server software & version
  • MySQL version
  • PHP settings & version
  • WordPress version
  • WordPress debug mode
  • WordPress memory limit
  • WordPress max upload size
  • WordPress settings (permalink structure, multisite, language, theme, plugins)
  • Site URL
  • Admin Email
  • Number of custom templates saved to Library
  • Number of posts using Elementor
  • Number of widgets used

This information helps us understand how you are using Elementor, and in what areas we could improve it. It shows us the areas that need more integrations and compatibility, and we analyze this to add new features to Elementor, as well as improve our documentation and tutorials.

Your Privacy First

We take your privacy extremely seriously, and we never put any data to misuse.

In any case, feel free to make the best decision for you. You can always opt out of data tracking and we will certainly understand this decision.

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