Custom Add To Cart (Pro)

Add an Add to Cart button to a specific product anywhere on your site.



  1. Product: Select the product to be added to the cart
  2. Show Quantity: Set to Yes to allow the user to change the quantity
  3. Quantity: If Show Quantity is set to No, this option becomes available so that you can predetermine the number of items to add to the cart


  1. Type: Select the type of button to use, choosing from Default, Info, Success, Warning, and Danger
  2. Text: Enter the text to be displayed on the button
  3. Alignment: Align the [widget] to the left, right, center, or justified
  4. Size: Select the preset button sizes, from Extra Small to Extra Large
  5. Icon: Select a Font Awesome icon to display on the button
  6. Icon Position: Choose to display the Icon Before or After the button text
  7. Icon Spacing: Set the amount of space between the Icon and the button text
  8. Button ID: (Optional) Assign a unique button ID to use for situations such as Google Analytic's events



  1. Typography: Set the typography options for the button text

Normal | Hover

The following options can be set independently for both the normal and hover states.

  1. Text Color: Choose the color of the button text
  2. Background Color: Choose the background color of the button
  3. Hover Animation: Choose an animation effect when hovering over the icon, such as Grow, Pulse, Skew, etc.

  1. Border Type: Select the type of border, choosing from none, solid, double, dotted, dashed, or grooved
  2. Border Radius: Control border roundness of the button
  3. Box Shadow: Adjust box shadow options
  4. Padding: Set the padding within the button