Image Carousel Widget

The Image Carousel Widget allows you to add interesting and dynamic galleries to your pages. In the video, we explain about creating a gallery image carousel and a three column carousel.

The content settings of the image carousel

After you select the images you want to display on your carousel, you can then set their sizes to any custom size of your choosing. You can set how many slides will show on the page, and how many slides will scroll. 

The style settings of the image carousel 

Under the style tab, the navigation of the widget can be set to show arrows, navigational dots, both or none. Other settings include pause on hover, autoplay, autoplay speed, a slide/fade effect, the animation speed, and direction. In this widget, you get complete control over the style of the arrows and dots. Change the color, size, and position to fit your liking. The image style options let you set the border settings as well as border radius. You can also control the spacing between the images.