Icon List Widget

Today we are going to go over the Icon List Widget. This Widget is great to create list of icon on your website. After you drag the Icon List Widget, you will see on your left the added Icon List area. In this area you can see three tabs: Content, style and advanced.

Content Tab

In the content tab you will have full control to edit the list items. To edit a list item you just click on it, insert the text, and choose an icon. We have here a list of over 400 icons from the Font Awesome website. There is also a link field where you can insert the link for your list item.

Style Tab

In the icon style options you have icon color control. You can also change the size, and it's alignment. Under text options you can control the space between the text and the icon with "Text Indent", the text color, as well as change all the typography attributes of the text. Typography includes the size of the text, the font type, weight, transform, style, line height and letter spacing.