Google Maps Widget

How to Use the Google Maps Widget, and add it to a WordPress Page?

The Google Maps widget is a really simple way to embed Google Maps in your website. This is very useful for contact pages, so your visitors can know where you are situated.
In the video guide we've created you'll see how to drag and drop the widget onto the page. You then can set the map to show any address, and adjust the zoom level and height of the map. If you want to change the width of the map, simply grab the corner of the column, and drag it left and right.

How to Add a Full Width Map to WordPress

The Elementor plugin also lets you add a Google Map that will span the entire width of the WordPress page. For this you will have to use a theme that supports full width pages. In this video we are using Pojo's Leader theme. To add this full width map, create a 1 column section, then drag the map widget into the section. Once you do that, you get a gap between the map and the sides of the section. To remove this gap, go to the section settings, change the width from "Boxed" to "Full screen", and change the Columns gap from "Default" to "No gap". That's it! Now you have a map that spans the entire width of the page.