What is Safe Mode?

If you are unable to edit because you encounter a never-ending Elementor Loading page, you can troubleshoot the problem by enabling Elementor’s Safe Mode.

“Safe Mode” is a safe environment that isolates Elementor and WordPress from the themes and plugins that might be causing the error.

What Does Safe Mode Do?

Safe Mode helps identify any issue that interferes with Elementor loading. In most cases, loading issues are caused by conflicts between plugins or themes. Safe Mode lets you verify if the problem persists even after deactivating plugins and themes, and pinpoint the possible cause of the issue.

The only thing that changes when Safe Mode is enabled is that the Elementor editor loading is done without any activated Plugins or Themes. Using 'Safe Mode' opens the Elementor editor on a clean version of WordPress, without loading a theme or any plugins. All plugins are deactivated and an empty theme file is loaded.

How To Activate Safe Mode

You can activate Safe Mode in either of two ways:

  1. Go to Elementor > Tools and select Enable from the Safe Mode dropdown and then click the Save Changes button or
  2. Click the Enable Safe Mode button that pops up when the Editor is unable to load.

Note: Safe Mode only affects logged in users while they are using the Elementor editor, and has NO effect on site visitors or other logged in users. For them, the site will operate as usual, with the regular theme and plugins activated.

Once you've verified that Safe Mode helped, now it's time to Debug Safe Mode to find and fix the plugin or theme issue.

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