Discord Integration with Elementor

With Discord integration, you can send submitted form data to predetermined text channels on Discord via a unique Webhook URL.

These actions will be performed after a visitor submits the form and is a great way to send messages to a text channel in your Discord server.

  1. Go to the “Actions After Submit” dropdown and click on the Add Action field > Discord
  2. Choose Discord
  3. This adds a new Discord Dropdown. Click to open it

Selecting Discord Options

  1. Webhook URL: Enter Discord’s webhook URL

    Note: Click to learn how to create a Discord webhook URL

  2. Username: Enter the username that will be shown as the sender
  3. Avatar URL: Enter the Avatar URL for the sender
  4. Title: Add a title for each message
  5. Description: Add a description for each message
  6. Form Data:  Refers to the Name, Email and Message your visitor will fill in on the form. Select YES to turn it on or NO to turn it off
  7. Timestamp: Select YES to display timestamp or NO to turn it off
  8. Color: Set a custom color for the vertical line that appears to the left of the message.
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