Heading Widget

Create Headings and Titles and set their font, color, size and weight.
In this video, you will learn how to customize your heading, change the line-height, letter-spacing and make the heading responsive to all devices.


The 'Title' setting lets you change the text that appears in the heading.
The 'Link' lets you add a link the heading will link to, and gives you the option to open the link in another window.
The 'Size' setting lets you change the heading to small, medium, large, XL or XXL.
The 'HTML Tag' can be set to H1..H6, Div, Span or paragraph.
The Alignment can also be set to left, right, center or justified.


Here you can choose the color of the text, and customize the typography.Change the size scale, choose a font family. Change the weight, have it on uppercase, lowercase or capitalize. Set the style to normal, italic or oblique.You can also change the line height and letter spacing.


Under 'Advanced', you can change the margin and padding settings of the heading. You can add an image background, border type and border radius. You can also choose to hide it on devices.

How to add text shadow to headings

To add a headline with a text shadow effect, follow these steps:

1. Drag and drop the Heading widget
2. Go to Heading > Style, and switch on text shadow
3. You can adjust the shadow color, blur, horizontal and vertical settings