Page Title Widget (Pro)

The Page Title widget is a dynamic widget that displays the Page Title that was assigned in the WordPress page editor.


  1. Title: The title is automatically, dynamically retrieved for you
  2. Link: The link is automatically, dynamically retrieved for you
  3. Size: Select the size of the Page Title, from Small to XXL
  4. HTML Tag: Set the Page Title's tag to H1-H6, Div, Span or Paragraph
  5. Alignment: Align the Page Title to the left, right, center, or justified


  1. Text Color: Choose the color of the Page Title’s text
  2. Typography: Change the typography options for the Page Title’s text
  3. Text Shadow: Add a shadow and blur to the Page Title’s text
  4. Blend Mode: Select from multiple layer effects including Normal, Multiply, Screen, Overlay, etc.
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