Site Title Widget (Pro)

The Site Title widget is a dynamic widget that displays the Site Title that was assigned in the WordPress Customizer. Although the site’s title can only be replaced or deleted in the WordPress Customizer, the Site Title widget gives you the ability to change some design aspects of the title.


  1. Title: The title is automatically, dynamically retrieved for you
  2. Link: The link is automatically, dynamically retrieved for you
  3. Size: Select the size of the Site Title, from Small to XXL
  4. HTML Tag: Set the Site Title's tag to H1-H6, Div, Span or Paragraph
  5. Alignment: Align the Site Title to the left, right, center, or justified


  1. Text Color: Choose the color of the Site Title’s text
  2. Typography: Change the typography options for the Site Title’s text
  3. Text Shadow: Add a shadow and blur to the Site Title’s text
  4. Blend Mode: Select from multiple layer effects including Normal, Multiply, Screen, Overlay, etc.
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