Dynamic Shortcode (Pro)

The Dynamic Shortcode feature provides the ability to use a shortcode, dynamically, for anything that Elementor doesn't already provide a dynamic tag for. While the possibilities are limitless, here are a few examples:

  • Using any custom field plugin shortcodes that aren't natively supported by Elementor
  • Inserting an Elementor template via its shortcode
  • Using an external plugin's shortcode
  • Use self-coded shortcodes, for example, conditionally displaying different messages on the page based on a custom shortcode created by a developer
  1. If a widget's field has a dynamic option, click on the Dynamic icon
  2. Select Shortcode from the Site selections. This will add Shortcode in the dynamic field.
  3. Enter your shortcode into the Settings > Shortcode field.

Important: By default, for security reasons, the generated HTML while using shortcodes is being escaped. If you wish to disable the escaping add the following line to your theme’s function.php file:

add_filter( 'elementor_pro/dynamic_tags/shortcode/should_escape', '__return_false' );