Why is Elementor Free?

We get this question a lot, so once and for all: there's no catch. no hook. no twist.

We created Elementor because we wanted to create a worthy competitor to DIY builders and make this competitor as widespread as possible. This is the key reason why we decided to release it as a free and open source plugin. It is more than a marketing technique.

At the time when we decided to develop this plugin, we already had a successful theme company (pojo.me) that only focused on premium paid themes and offered no free plan. We knew the paid business model inside out. Going with a whole different model of GPL was much more difficult and unfamiliar, but we chose to go this way anyway, in order to make our vision of a great page builder for WordPress come true.

No other page builder has ever released as many features in the free open source plugin plan. We decided to do so, because we believe it is a win-win for everyone. Obviously for the users getting an excellent plugin for free, but also for the future paying users, that will enjoy the community contribution to the plugin. Open source is also a win for us, because we benefit from the larger audience and lower marketing costs.

How we plan to make money

There will definitely be a paid plan. We will be charging money for Elementor Pro, which is already in development. It's hard to give an exact date for release, but we expect to release it in the near future. The focus for Elementor Pro will be features that are related to promotion, conversion, and engagement.
We will never take out any design feature or widget that we currently have on Elementor. Moreover, we will keep adding new widgets and features to the free plan, like the two new widgets we just released.