Star Rating Widget

The Star Rating widget allows you to display author-assigned star ratings within your content. Both the label and the stars are fully customizable for size, color, and typography.



  1. Rating Scale: Choose a scale from 0 to 5 or 0 to 10
  2. Rating: Assign a numerical rating for the element, based on the scale chosen
  3. Icon: Choose the type of icon to use, either Font Awesome or Unicode
  4. Unmarked Style: Choose Solid or Outline for unmarked icons
  5. Title: Enter the title for the rating
  6. Alignment: Align the rating, left, center, right, or justified.



  1. Color: Choose the color of the label title text
  2. Typography: Change the typography options for the text of the label title
  3. Gap: Control the space between the title and the icons


  1. Size: Change the size of the stars
  2. Spacing: Control the space between each star
  3. Color: Choose the color of the filled/marked stars
  4. Unmarked Color: Choose the color of the unmarked stars


Set the Advanced options that are applicable to this widget

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