Elementor’s “My Account” Area

Once you’ve purchased Elementor Pro, you will be assigned an account, which you can log into at any time. Your account area enables you to carry out several functions.

You can log into your account by going to https://elementor.com and clicking on Account in the top menu.

My Account

Once you’ve logged in with your username or email address and password, you will be taken to your “My Account” page, which allows you to see your purchase details, download the plugin, and get your license key for the plugin activation.


The Purchases tab shows a list of all your purchases. Here you can view the details of each purchase, view licenses of each, get downloads for each, and generate an invoice for each purchase, for your record-keeping.


The support tab is where you can turn to for help with Elementor Pro. The Support page guides you to the best place to get help, and if you still need personal assistance, this is where you can submit a support ticket.


If you are participating in Elementor’s affiliate program, this page shows your affiliate ID, and lets you review your statistics, see graphs, view your referrals, payouts, and visits, and adjust your affiliate profile settings.


The Profile page allows you to update your personal profile information. You can also change your password here.

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