Section Background Video Options

You can set a video as the background of a Section, enabling you to create interesting hero headers and other engaging areas on your page. The background video options can be found within the section’s Style tab.



  1. Background Type: Click the video icon
  2. Video Link: Enter a YouTube, Vimeo or .mp4 link to the video
  3. Start Time: Specify start time in seconds
  4. End Time: Specify end time in seconds
  5. Play Once: Slide to Yes to only play the background video once, with no repetition.
  6. Play on Mobile: Slide to Yes to play background video on mobile devices, if the device supports it.
  7. Background Fallback: Upload a cover image, to replace the background video on mobile and tablet devices, as background videos are disabled on mobile devices to avoid browser restrictions and bandwidth draining.

Tip: Use Background Overlay to darken your video or to add your own personal color overlay.

Note: Youtube changed their API in September, 2018 and does not allow the possibility to disable related videos any longer. The parameter "rel=0" is no longer a working parameter. In addition, background videos now briefly show the title of the video. Elementor cannot disable this as it is controlled solely by Youtube.

Note: Only Vimeo premium accounts can remove Vimeo background video controls and titles.