Column Overview


  1. Column Width (%): Set your Columns Width
  2. Content Position: Set your Column Content Position. This way, you will be able to stick the content of all the columns of a section to the bottom, the middle or the top.
  3. Widget Space (px): Sets the default space between Widgets (Default: 20)
  4. HTML Tag: Set an HTML Tag for your column. Learn more about HTML Tags


Background (Normal & Hover)

  1. Background Type: Choose between Classic or Gradient

Background Overlay (Normal & Hover)

  1. Background Type: Choose between Classic or Gradient
  2. Blend Mode: Set a Blend Mode
  3. CSS Filters: Add Blur, Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation

Border (Normal & Hover)

  1. Border Type: Set a Border Type
  2. Border Radius: Set your Border Radius
  3. Box Shadow: Add a Box Shadow


  1. Set Typography Colors for the section

Note: The 'Set Typography' colors won't work if Default Colors are enabled.



  1. Margin: Set the section Margin
  2. Padding: Set the section Padding
  3. Z-index: Set the Z-Index. Learn more about Z-Index
  4. Entrance Animation: Click the dropdown to choose an animation. Learn more about Entrance Animation
  5. CSS ID: Set a CSS ID for your section
  6. CSS Classes: Set CSS Classes for your section

Custom CSS

  1. Add your own custom CSS
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