Form Fields

Form Name - Name the form.

Form Fields - A list of the fields in your form. You can duplicate, add or delete fields as you please. You can drag and drop to change their order.

Click on a field to view its settings.

  1. Type - Choose the type of field you want (A list of types here)
  2. Label - The name of the field, displayed on the form and on the email you receive from the user.
  3. Placeholder - The frontend display name of the field.
  4. Required - Switch it on to set the field as a Required field.
  5. Column Width - Lets you set the width of the field. If you want a form with two fields in one row - set each field to 50%.

Types of Fields

  1. Text - A simple text field. i.e. Name
  2. Email - An email type. Includes validation for email
  3. Text Area - A textarea type. You can set the number of rows
  4. URL - A website URL field
  5. Tel - A telephone number type
  6. Radio -  A radio type. Single choice. You can slide the Inline List for a horizontal style. Click for more options
  7. Select - A select type. Dropdown list of options. Can set to multiple selection. Click for more options
  8. Checkbox - A checkbox type. Check one or more options. You can slide the Inline List for a horizontal style. Click for more options
  9. Acceptance - Add a terms checkbox for the user to accept
  10. Number - A number type
  11. Date - Add a date picker field
  12. Time - Add a time picker field
  13. File Upload - Allow your users to upload files
  14. Password - Add a password field
  15. HTML - Add an HTML field
  16. Hidden - Add a hidden field. Hidden to the user, but visible to the Admin
  17. reCAPTCHA - Add a reCAPTCHA. reCAPTCHA verifies the user is not a robot
  18. Honeypot - Adds a Honeypot to your form

  1. Input Size - Set the height of the fields. 
  2. Label - Show or hide the labels on the form.

Learn more about the Form Widget (Pro)

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