Regenerate CSS:  This will clear your CSS files and will generate new files when you make changes to your pages.

Sync Library: If you experience bugs with the library, you can sync it here.

Please note that the Regenerate CSS tool will not regenerate the files on the click of the button.

Replace URL

Enables the use of Elementor after a domain transfer (Also relevant for adding an SSL certificate to your site).

Version Control

Rollback Version: Switch to a previous version of Elementor.

Become a Beta Tester: By enabling this, you will be notified whenever a new beta version is out.

Maintenance Mode

Choose Mode: Choose between Disabled, Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode.

Who Can Access: Choose who can view your content when one of these modes is active.

Choose Template: Choose a template that will be displayed when one of these modes is active.

Click to learn more about Maintenance Mode

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