ConvertKit & Elementor Integration

In this guide, we will explain how to integrate  ConvertKit With Elementor Forms.

  1. First set your ConvertKit API Key in the Integrations Settings. Under Elementor > Settings > Integrations Tab

  2. Create a form using Elementor Form Widget

  3. Click Actions After Submission

  4. Under Add Action choose ConvertKit

  5. Tip: Click to learn how to  get your API Key from ConvertKit

  6. Match your form fields to ConvertKit's Fields through the Field Mapping options

    Note : ConvertKit integration only supports field mapping for the  Email and First Name fields. Any additional custom field isn't supported.

  7. You can draw the Tag Fields from the ConvertKit's API.

Note: The integration with ConvertKit creates a new contact in your ConvertKit account. It doesn't update existing contacts.