reCAPTCHA & Elementor Integration

reCAPTCHA is one of the most popular ways to prevent spam and abuse by preventing bots from being able to submit forms.

To add a reCAPTCHA, you first need to get the reCAPTCHA keys from the Google website.

  1. Go to the Google reCAPTCHA site and click on Get reCAPTCHA
  2. Under Label fill in your website’s name, choose reCAPTCHA V2 “I am not a robot”, enter the domains you wish to secure, and accept the Terms & Conditions
  3. You will receive two API Keys
  4. Return to the Wordpress Dashboard > Elementor > Settings > Integrations
  5. Under reCAPTCHA, enter the two API Keys and click Save Changes
  6. Add a New Page and Edit With Elementor
  7. Drag in a Form Widget
  8. Go to Form > Content > Form Fields and click on
  9. Under Type choose reCAPTCHA
  10. You now see the 'I am not a robot' text in the form
  11. Click Save
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