Login Widget (Pro)

The Login Widget makes it easy to create a custom login page, instead of the default WordPress login page.

How to add a login page to WordPress

Create a New Page, and add the Login Widget

Form fields

  1. Label: Show or Hide the form Label
  2. Input size: Choose the Form Fields input size.


  1. Text: Type the button’s text
  2. Size: Choose the size of the button
  3. Alignment: Set the button’s alignment

Additional options

  1. Redirect After Login: Set to ON or OFF.
  2. Lost Your Password: Choose whether or not to display the “Lost Your Password” link
  3. Remember me: Choose whether or not to display the “Remember Me” checkbox
  4. Logged in message: Choose whether or not to display the a Logged In user a message
  5. Custom label: Change the default form label and placeholder text

Note: Use your regular WordPress login credentials with the Login Widget

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