Shape Divider

What it is: Shape dividers are interesting shapes that separate sections of the page. You can choose from the following shapes:

Shapes make for a much more interesting design.

How to add them:

How to Add Shape Dividers to Backgrounds in WordPress

  1. Add a new section
  2. Go to Section > Style > Shape Divider
  3. Choose the type of shape divider - You can see the list of options above: Waves, fan opacity, triangle, tilt opacity, drops, curve, waves brush, pyramids, tilt, split, triangle asymmetrical, waves pattern, book, clouds, zigzag, mountains, curve asymmetrical, split.
  4. Set a color for the shape divider - Make sure to match the color of the background to the color above or below the section, so there is a continuation of the background color to the adjacent section.
  5. Set width & height - Scale to set the width and height of the shape divider
  6. Flip the shape divider - You can flip to get the shape divider to be on the opposite side.
  7. Invert - Switch this on to invert the position of the shape divider. If the shape was inwards before, it will be outwards after.
  8. Bring to Front - Make the shape divider appear in front of widgets. If you use this feature, play with the color opacity to make the widgets on the back more visible.