SoundCloud Widget

The SoundCloud widget embeds audio clips from SoundCloud.



  1. Link - Enter the SoundCloud URL you wish to add to the page.
  2. Visual player - Choose whether the visual player is displayed, or just the audio player.
  3. Autoplay - Choose if the audio is automatically played when the user loads the page.
  4. Buy button - Show or hide the button to buy the track.
  5. Like button - Show or hide the like button.
  6. Download button - Show or hide the download button.
  7. Share button - Show or hide the share button.
  8. Comments - Show or hide comments.
  9. Play counts - Show or hide the number of play counts.
  10. Username - Show or hide the username that uploaded the track.
  11. Controls color - Customize the color of the controls.

Note: Autoplay is affected by Google's Autoplay policy on Chrome browsers.


Set the Advanced options that are applicable to this widget