Revision History, Undo and Redo

Elementor includes built-in revision history, as well as Undo and Redo. With these features, you get a log for every action and save made on the editor.

The history panel is accessed by clicking on the icon that appears at the bottom of the panel.

This will open the History panel, that includes two columns: Actions and Revisions.

The Actions Tab

The Actions tab logs every single 'action' you make in Elementor. From adding text to changing button colors... Nothing gets left out.

Browsing and clicking through the actions will let you trace back your steps.

Once you've found the right spot to go back, continue from that point on. You can move back and forth between actions.

Each item on the list includes the name of the effected element (this can be section, column, name of widget or name of template). It also includes the type of change, whether it is an addition or and edit.

At the end of the list of actions you will see a not for when 'Editing started'. If you want to go further back, switch to the revisions tab.

The Revisions tab

Each time you save the page, a new revision is created. You can switch between revisions and revert back to any previous save with a click.

Each revision item lists the date and time it was created, as well as who made the revision. After you find the revision you want to revert back to, click on 'Apply' to apply the old revision on the current page. You can also click on 'Discard' to return to the current version of the page.

The Revision History feature is built on the basic WordPress Revisions system and enhances it. This means that any changes to the WP system will affect Elementor's revisions. For example: define( 'WP_POST_REVISIONS', 3 ); 

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